Aygeas Foods produces a number of High Quality products that can be classifed into two groups - Ingredients & Ready Meals.

In addition we have published a number of exciting recipies to demonstrate how our organic ingredients can be used to quickly fashion the most flavoursome authentic Afro Caribbean cuisine.

Handy tips and tricks are included from Mrs. Cantle herself, to introduce a new, healthy and exotic diet. Make your choice to start experimenting today...


Jellof Rice



Jellof Rice West African cooked up rice.






Obe Ata



Obe Ata Sauce African chilli tomato        cook-in-sauce










Kamanga Sauce Coconut cream based cook-in sauce











Egusi Sauce Melon seed based cook-in sauce










Ewajon, Spicy Fried African Beans








Yaje Paste



Yaje Paste A spicy condiment





Oatmeal For healthy fufu