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Wheat Gluten Allergies

To provide a new cullinary experience with emphasis on a Healthy Balance Diet, that is our motto: “Healthy Foods, Good for You.” We have included the following to show the importance diet plays towards a Healthy Lifestyle, and how AYGEAS Foods can help you achieve that.


Are people who have an allergy to the gluten found in wheat and other cereals.



The Colorado State University have carried out studies into this problem and have found that the average contamination of Wheat in Oat Products to be in the region of 0.009 % or 90 Parts per Million. The Celiac society has stated that adult Celiac can safely consume a moderate amount of Oat products. This has been calculated at 50 grammes per day.

50 grammes is a generous adult helping.

Our Oat Products are milled only from the finest Mill in the land. We consider any risk of cross contamination to be small.

We would STRONGLY advise anyone with a Gluten allergy to seek medical advice before consuming any cereal products.