Aygeas Foods produces a number of High Quality products that can be classifed into two groups - Ingredients & Ready Meals.

In addition we have published a number of exciting recipies to demonstrate how our organic ingredients can be used to quickly fashion the most flavoursome authentic Afro Caribbean cuisine.

Handy tips and tricks are included from Mrs. Cantle herself, to introduce a new, healthy and exotic diet. Make your choice to start experimenting today...

Aygeas Limited

AYGEAS Ltd. sprung from the desire to put Afro-Caribbean Foods on the map by innovating the wonderful flavours and features of this style into modern and convienient “Ready To Eat” packaged meals.

The Result: A new and unique cullinary experience produced in minutes, requiring none of the expertise and effort to cook these exotic dishes.

Similar to the trends followed by Indian, Chinese and other exotic cuisines now regarded as staple foods in the West, AYGEAS’ goal is to create African foods that meet the palate of the Western consumer, without removing theĀ “African-ness,” so that all can enjoy the oustanding flavours of this cultural cuisine.

To this end, AYGEAS has achieved great success.

From its inception, health consciousness has been at the forefront of AYGEAS product developement with healthy ingredients to meet the tastes and needs of those ready to try an exciting new and exotic cuisine.